How We Work

All of our team members are industry trained in their chosen field, whether it’s residential or commercial landscape design or construction. Artworks Landscape employs in-house designers and landscapers to ensure consistency in our delivery and service. We are able to offer a complete landscaping service – providing custom landscape design through to construction and maintenance.


After an initial phone conversation with one of our trained staff to discuss your requirements, we will arrange for one of our talented landscape designers to meet with you at your property for an on-site consultation. A typical on-site consultation can take one to two hours, depending on the scope and size of the work. At the on-site consultation, our landscape designer will walk with you through your space, get to know your environment and vision and discuss and trace out your ideas.

It is at this point we will answer any questions you might have regarding the process and outline the next steps – including what level of landscape design is required before construction can begin.



After an on-site consultation with one of our qualified landscape designers, we will discuss with you the best type of design plan required to meet your budget, specifications and requirements.

Artworks Landscape can produce design plans for all types of projects. Plans range from:

  • General Sketch – Sometimes a simple design of your ideal landscape is all that is required. A general sketch will simply include a general layout of ideas and planting suggestions. Please note, a general sketch is not to scale and is purely a drafting of ideas and suggestions.
  • Full-Scale Plan – Our most popular option, a full scale plan is a detailed and complete concept plan. A full scale plan generally includes a complete layout design, a planting and material guide along with a considered and structural plan.
  • Planting Design – A planting design outlines the most suitable plants for your landscape – It will consider the best use of height and depth to create your garden while also recommending the most suitable plants for the condition of your landscape and environment.
  • Construction Drawings – On request, Artworks can create full, to scale, construction drawings for contractors.


In order to get started on creating your new art work, we need a plan and a scope of work. This can be an existing sketch which you have developed or one of our custom landscape plans from the team at Artworks Landscape. From this plan and scope we can develop a comprehensive quote or estimate of the construction costs – including a budget for selected plants and materials.

We understand that landscape design and construction can be a considerable investment. We have several clients who choose to implement the construction phase of their landscape design in stages over a manageable period of time. Please speak to one of our expert team about the options available.


Once a plan, a scope of work and a budget have been agreed, we will meet with you to discuss timings, your expectations and delivery dates. The time required to implement landscape designs depends on the scale and size of the project and the design requirements.

To ensure consistency and a stress-free experience, each Artworks Landscape project is managed by an experienced project manager and site foreman. Your assigned project manager will work with you from the out-set – communicating with sub-contractors and liaising directly with you to ensure you are kept up to date and informed throughout the construction process. Your site foreman will remain on-site throughout the construction phase – ensuring the smooth-running of the build and will be on-hand for any of your on-site questions or issues.

We are dedicated to providing all our clients with a positive landscape design and construction experience. Our open and friendly team will work with you to construct your landscape with little disruption to your business or daily routine.

Contact us now to get your garden into shape.