We are a team of expert landscape designers and landscapers. We offer a complete landscaping service – providing custom landscape design through to construction and maintenance.

Artworks Landscape can work with you at any stage of construction – from designing a custom landscape for a new home or commercial project, through to managing the up-keep and maintenance of an established garden.


Our creative and professional landscape designers are passionate about design and are dedicated to creating spaces which work with your property’s orientation, composition, surroundings and most importantly your lifestyle. As our name suggests, we consider our landscape designs an art work, we also understand that a landscape has to be functional and practical and work with your home.

Artworks Landscape can work with you to design every aspect of your landscape – our design portfolio includes entranceways, statement garden features, patios, flower gardens, BBQ pits and swimming pools.

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A balanced and well-skilled landscaping team, Artworks Landscape have brought together both skilled construction workers who are experienced in crafting permanent structures such as pergolas, decks and pavers and qualified horticulturists who know plants, understand space and light and are committed to building a garden which is going to last a lifetime.

Regardless of their skill-set, our landscaping team are all professional craftsmen who pay strong attention to detail and have a dedication to building sustainable landscapes which meet lifestyle needs.

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We take pride in our landscapes and enjoy seeing our designs and gardens looking their best for years to come. We offer an optional maintenance program to ensure a quality and expert up-keep of your landscape is maintained. A specialist member of the Artworks team can visit your garden several times a year to prune, trim, shape and tend to your work of art.

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