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After an on-site consultation with one of our qualified landscape designers, we will discuss with you the best type of design plan required to meet your budget, specifications and requirements.

Artworks Landscape can produce design plans for all types of projects. Plans range from:

  • General Sketch – Sometimes a simple design of your ideal landscape is all that is required. A general sketch will simply include a general layout of ideas and planting suggestions. Please note, a general sketch is not to scale and is purely a drafting of ideas and suggestions.
  • Full-Scale Plan – Our most popular option, a full scale plan is a detailed and complete concept plan. A full scale plan generally includes a complete layout design, a planting and material guide along with a considered and structural plan.
  • Planting Design – A planting design outlines the most suitable plants for your landscape – It will consider the best use of height and depth to create your garden while also recommending the most suitable plants for the condition of your landscape and environment.
  • Construction Drawings – On request, Artworks can create full, to scale, construction drawings for contractors.

Contact us now to get your garden into shape.